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The concept was to create a special place where we could the moment by ourselves. “People are surrounded by other people all day both physically and digitally and so I was looking for a way to offer a sanctuary from the world. I consider bathrooms to be the one space you can be alone so I designed this collection to provide a fresh, beautiful and solitary space where one can focus and take care of themselves.” – Marcel Wanders.



I can imagine myself relaxing in this bath collection, not only great to the body but as also for the eye. A relaxing bath with quality design.




This collection features a series of consoles and mirrors in black or white lacquered resin, with smoked glass top, clearly inspired by Baroque furniture, in clear contrast with the “pop” design of white ceramic sinks and the imposing white fiberglass bathtub which reinterprets the classic icon of the bar of soap, soft and rounded. This “soap” shape sink really materializes the idea of taking a bath in a soap bar, the ultimate idea that brought the collection to life.



The luxury associated to the brand is not missed at the bathroom any more. This was a perfect collaboration between Bisazza and the great designer.




See our article on Marcel Wanders at Milan Design Week this year.


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