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Design Days in Switzerland, 27-30 September, 4th edition, Presented by Swiss TOP Design magazine Espaces Contemporains, Lausanne-Renens


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Magazines have an important role promoting design events, as usually they are press partners to cover the pre, during and after event. In Switzerland, the TOP French-speaking design magazine Espaces Contemporains goes further playing an even more remarkable role by organizing their own design event, this year being its fourth edition – we are talking about Design Days , that will take place in Lausanne – Renens from the 27th to the 30th of September.


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Design Days is a platform for meetings and exchanges around the design and contemporary creation, showcasing a vast panorama that aims to reflect the diversity and richness of the sector: furniture, lighting, kitchens, linings and accessories, prototypes from limited editions, unique objects from industrial design, Swiss and international creations.


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This unique event is open to the general public and industry professionals, is primarily a source of discoveries and reflections, cross platform provides brands, as well as novel objects and installations made by young designers, across exhibitions, conferences, celebrations and the possibility of meeting renowned personalities from the Swiss and international design.


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The activities will take place in two important milestones from an historic and architectural point of view for the city of Renens: the Swiss Heritage awarded Concert Hall and the ECAL – The University of Art and Design Lausanne at Iril building which was once a nylon factory and is now considered one of the best design schools. This year, the public will be able to access a large part of the building of the ECAL and see the EPFL + ECAL Lab and at the Ateliers de La Ville de Renens  for exhibitions. Plus, there will be new space born from an idea of designer and professor at ECAL Christophe Marchand, Design Studio: a former factory converted into a workspace for young designers.


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After such diverse program in terms of activities, places and people, one can’t resist to get to now more about the event, check the detailed program here, plan the trip right away to be in Lausanne in the end of the month, or save the date for next year’s edition in Geneva.



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